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Nourishing Pomade

Nourishing Pomade
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Hair growth butter packed with botanical emollients to restore and nourish the hair. The key to a full and lush head of hair. Pure Chebe powder helps lock in moisture, improves hair density, and nourishes the hair follicles thus promoting growth. Shea butter and CBD Isolate moisturizes hair and has anti-inflammatory properties that calm scalp issues like eczema. Grapeseed oil contains sebum oil, which helps to strengthen hair and stimulate growth. Also contains other beneficial ingredients like black castor oil, avocado butter, and blood orange oil that help nourish the scalp and create shine.

Directions for use: Begin with Freshly washed hair. Part your hair and divide into a few sections.. Apply Pomade to scalp and massage. 

Key Ingredients:

Chebe powder
CBD Isolate
Black Castor Oil
Vitamin E